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Ini bukan artikel saya, ini hanya copas dari grup punya e Stephen Hockman, dan isinya killer abis sih, kalo dipakek untuk Nulis artikel, insyaAlloh sih konversinya bakal lebih tinggi, sangat cocok untuk affiliate marketer, dan juga orang yang doyan optimasi adsense dan optimasi UX dan Engagement.

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In this post, I wanted to show you a few examples of how to rewrite affiliate product reviews so they’re more engaging for the reader. By using the power of copywriting, you can encourage more people to take action and buy the items you’re promoting.

Note: The original versions were taken directly from an affiliate website I found online without any changes.

In these examples, I want you to notice the following things:

– The originals had super-long product titles. Plus, they weren’t in an H3 tag. Notice how I shortened them in the new version and included the target keyword in the product titles: cordless lawn mower.

– The originals had factual “content writing” only. They didn’t include any persuasive copywriting to make the reader feel like the writer was talking directly to them. What I’m talking about here is using words like “you” and “your”.

– The originals didn’t have any benefit statements attached to the features. The new versions are loaded with the “whys”, such as why you should care about a 20-inch cutting deck.

– The originals weren’t arranged correctly in order of importance or which product the writer actually wanted you to buy. In the new version, I put the best-of-the-best as #1, the cheapest model as #2, and the best value model as #3. Now it’s much easier for a person to compare the top 3 all-star products on the page.- The originals didn’t have a call to action button. The new versions do: Check Price.

– The originals didn’t refer back to their #1 pick. The new versions do. Notice how in #2 and #3 I remind the reader about how they’re different from the #1 item. This makes the #1 item seem to be a better choice.

– The originals didn’t include any negative attributes. The new versions do in #2 and #3. But notice how I turned those negative traits into a positive spin. That makes the review seem more credible but doesn’t deter you from wanting to buy it.

Tips like these can all be found in my book: Affiliate Content Secrets. It’s available on Amazon if you haven’t checked it out yet at…/dp/057872877X/.I hope this training helped! Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below and if anything is confusing for me to help you understand it more clearly.

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